In recent years we have become more aware of how easily infections such as Coronavirus, E.Coli and MRSA can spread in our medical institutions. Failure to stop the spread of these types of infections can have disastrous consequences for those exposed to them. For that reason, we are seeing more and more buildings in the health sector choosing antibacterial coatings for their walls and ceilings.

Antibacterial paints, or antimicrobial paints as they are also commonly known, have been used in a variety of premises including:

  • Hospitals (Including theatre rooms and wards)
  • Doctor and dentist surgeries
  • Veterinary surgeries

But their use is not just limited to the health sector. We have also seen them used in both schools and retirement homes. At BMA we have relationships with all of the major paint suppliers and can therefore supply antibacterial paints to meet your specific requirements.

Whilst it is possible to get antibacterial paints which rely on chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria, the most commonly used products incorporate silver ion technology. The ions within these coatings attack the bacteria and restrict their ability to reproduce – thus preventing growth. Previous research has demonstrated that this silver ion technology can effectively combat around 150 different strains of bacteria.

CSCS Accredited Team of Commercial Decorators

To ensure that we complete all antibacterial decoration projects to the highest standard, all of our operatives have received the necessary training in all the specialist coatings we provide. They therefore have an excellent understanding of how to correctly apply coatings of this kind to achieve the desired finish.

In addition to that, every member of our team holds a current CSCS accreditation. As a result you can be confident that they will complete the work safely and efficiently, ensuring the well-being of themselves, our clients and the general public are the priority at all times.

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