Unthank Road, Norwich, NR2

Our client had been waiting 3 years to have the feeling of ‘home’ from their original contractor who had been employed to complete works to a 2 bedroom house. This contractor had taken a decision to sleep on-site in an attempt to finish the house in question. Ultimately their efforts failed and the client was left needing an alternative option to complete the works.


This is where BMA enters. In 2020 we were introduced to this lovely lady by another client we were dealing with at the time. BMA agreed we could complete the project and were willing to take this on. We also gave her a guarantee the works would be completed in under 5 weeks as required. This was a tight timescale but we were fully confident we could meet this deadline. BMA managed to not only complete the works in under 5 weeks but to complete them to the high standard we strive to deliver on all our contracts.
Our client had quite rightly lost confidence in her original contractor and came to us with sceptical thoughts on whether the project would actually be finished in the time scale agreed. We proved to her in the first week of our team being on site that we were making huge progress and her spirits were lifted that the project would be finished on time.
This was a great challenge that BMA met with our usual vigour, enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude. Our entire mantra is we aim to leave our clients with a smile on their face.